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Technology from 2005 that I bet you didn’t even know existed! TOKYO, JAPAN: Japan’s computer giant Fujitsu employee Sachiko Iino displays a prototype model of an electronic paper display, film-based flexible mono-color LCD, enabling to display the same images continously without electric power in Tokyo 15 July 2005. Fujitsu is expecting to commercialize the new electrnoc paer next year. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images) Technology is advancing faster than most people can even put to use before it becomes obsolete! Many are not even aware of what is possible and miss out on the convenience and advantage that the technology offers. Business often resolve to do things the way that they have always done proclaiming “If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it”. When the newest helpful technology used to take 20 years to change this mentality often sufficed. However, today’s rate of change dictates that we be on our toes and you can EXPECT that a new game changing technology will be out about every 2 to 5 years! I’m not suggesting that you continually be on the “bleeding edge” of the change but if you are not aware of an emerging technology that may cause a significant loss of sales then you may very well be run over by that new technology. For example… The transportation industry is going to undergo a transformation with self-driving vehicles within the next 10 years and beginning in 2020. This industry is the top employer in the U.S.A. Every facet of life will change because of technology and it is estimated that 30% of the labor force in this industry will be out of a job! This is just one industry! Many industries will meet the same fate as technology replaces jobs that humans currently occupy. I research various technologies to the tune of about 5 hour per week. I can automate everything from the locks on your home or business doors to lighting and music. Did you ever get a new technology only to find it was too complex to set up even with instructions? I can look at your business, knowing what technology may be applied and what is trending in the near future. I can make a general assessment for your industry or a specific assessment of systems and processes that you use every day. What is absolutely assured is that technology advances exponentially and you can count on dramatic change!

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