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I am an inventor. I currently invent software and technology solutions. I am passionate about life and humanity. My belief is that technology will provide the means to a self-sustaining peaceful world if the idiots that are currently controlling our governments do not blow us and our planet up first! wpid-new-game.jpg amazon logo I wrote a book on world peace called The New Game (World Peace) Available on back in 2012. In this book I describe how the paradigms that we currently live are not sustainable and do not promote humanity. I also describe some ideas on how we can do better. I also have started a “Live Book” called Achieving World Peace in a blog that I will write and solicit others to contribute. Just follow this >> *Reference Link* I don’t have a single life ambition. I am eclectic and I love too many things in life to focus on just one. I am committed to becoming financially wealthy so that I can positively impact the world on a greater scale. My plan to achieve this is to create abundance and eliminate scarcity (my next book ambition). The world has it all wrong and we as a species must do better or face extinction its just that simple! I am also a father, a husband and grand father. I am a constitutionalist and patriot yet I endorse the ideal that someday we will live in a WORLD community not divided by race, country or class. I am a LandMark Education graduate and highly recommend this education to EVERYONE! I am a veteran of the U.S.A.F. Where I learned a great deal about self-discipline honor and respect. It was a great way to grow up and figure out what I wanted to do with my life! My career has been exciting and broad, look me up on linked-in. *Reference Link* My Bucket List *Reference Link*

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