January, 2017 – Some helpful software

As I go about my research for useful technology, I often find interesting and useful software that is usually free or nearly free. Check back frequently to see what I found and post your own finds! People communicate with many tools these days and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all of them.  Stuff gets dropped through the cracks because some people message with messenger others text, some email only, some send chat through skype and believe it or not some still call!  There is a FREE software called “Slack” that consolidates most of the various forms of communications, saves them and allows you to integrate them for other stuff.  Here’s a pretty good overview of slack and how you may use it:   Converting and saving and other video links to your local pc without purchasing software or risking viruses online video converter *Reference Link* For Mac iPads and iPhones stuck in restore mode! If you ever get stuck where your iPad or iPhone won’t update or restore and just sits in the restore mode telling you to plug it into iTunes… This software is a LIFE SAVER! Made by Tenorshare and it’s FREE I will purchase some of their product just because the are GREAT! Here’s the link: reiboot.html