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A New Site Developed “Cosima Fine Art”

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When an art broker contacted me and asked me to build a simple, clean and eloquent website so that he could sell art from it, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  I love art, and the art broker is a friend that I have know for quite some time.

I know that art sites can be deceptively simple and many tend to be too cluttered and over the top.  With sites like this, quality is absolutely fundamental!  The images cannot be distorted or pixelated and everything must work perfectly.

After about 170 hours and lots of custom programming, the site is complete!  You can see it by following this link:

Check out some of these incredible artists work (My Favorite is : Robert Craig

Ivan Albright, Esao Andrews, Van Arno, Zdzis Law Beksinski, Chris Berens, Sandow Birk, John Brophy, Mark Bryan, Joe Coleman, Robert Craig, Robert Crumb, Jason D’Aquino, Ron English, Stelios Faitakis, Ernst Fuchs, Thomas Gieseke, Rick Griffin, Alex Gross, Haroshi Naoto Hatori, Daniel Horne, Nick Hyde, Sarah Joncas, Josh Keges, Mati Klarwein, Andrea Kowch, Norbert Kox, Tristram Lansdowne, Dennis Larkins, Laurie Lipton, Chris Mars, Megan Majewski, Alfred Maurer, Jaques Moitoret, Odd Nerdrum, Dale Nichols, Irving Norman, Joseph Parker, Dan Quintana, Spain Rodriguez, Todd Schorr, Jose’ Lois Serzo, R.K. Sloane, John Stobart, David Stoupakis, Louis Wain, Ji Wenyu, Barnaby Whitfield, Robert Williams, Stanislaw Ignacy, Witkacy, Charles Wysoki, Ian Young, Michael Young, Zhao Na