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I have been fortunate to develop a few websites that had unique design requirements. If you need a website and you want someone to handle everything from A to Z, please contact me and I will quote something nice for less than what you may think. I can take care of everything including hosting and payment gateways!

1. Cities For Christ is a beautiful site with tons of features and room to grow
*Reference Link*

2. ARHP A unique site which is database driven, includes forums, built and moderated via the searchPUB software that I developed
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javaMED’s is a complete system designed to assist individuals manage their own Personal Medical Records (PMR). This patented system uses QR codes to store and retrieve information and is comprised of a desktop app, a website and a smart phone app. Click this link to find out more: *Reference Link*

SearchPub is an integrated research browser and client front-end for WordPress. With this software you can quickly research and gather data, links, pictures, videos as media resources, store them locally on a database and publish them to your WordPress website. Click this link to find out more:
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Here is a link to some of my most recent website development: *Reference Link*

After using WordPress for many years and teaching others to use it, I have come to the conclusion that it is far too difficult for most people to really build their own sites and maintain them. When navigating pages, posts and image libraries is just too slow and cumbersome, people often find what is called a WordPress Client. There are a few flavors of this type software out there but none of them really fit what I had envisioned. So… I did what any developer would do and built my own. 🙂 I did the development in partnership with a company called ARHP Foundation and we are now just about ready to jointly market this new software solution under the name: "searchPUB".

searchPUB is much more than just a front end client to make it easier and faster to build WordPress web pages.  It is a very useful research tool and database!  If you are like me, I want to research the relevant information for the articles that I’m writing and insert links and embed video right into my article as I write.  By the time I get logged into my WordPress or blog site, fool around with building a page and post then add images and open browsers to research, I’m overwhelmed and distracted from my task!

searchPUB, I can do everything in one clean window.  I can jump right in and write my article.  I can research virtually every search engine and important reference site out there, build links, store relevant media assets and build my web page all on the same window.

If I didn’t find exactly what I wanted in one search engine and want to search another, I simply choose the next site to search from the menu.  I don’t even have to retype what I’m searching for!

When I’m done researching and writing, I simply click one button to publish my article to my WordPress website!

Because this software is built on a truly relational database, it may be shared and simultaneously used by a whole team of collaborators! No more struggle to figure out what is where, no more trying to keep up with media assets and no more worries about what was the latest revision and where you put it! This also means that you have a safe “LOCAL” backup of your entire site! If your website gets hacked or corrupted or even if you just want to move it to another server, you are a button push away from achieving that otherwise cumbersome and complicated task!

If you want control of what gets published, you simply invite others to use the database without publish permissions.

If that isn’t enough… This software automatically builds your Table of Contents, writes it to html and uploads it to your site.

If you want to check out the wiki site completely built by this software, well, you are here now! That’s right, this entire site was built using the
searchPUB software! Another site that was built with searchPUB that you can visit is: *Reference Link*


We began development in late 2014.  We currently own the URL   We have a desktop software application developed that will be released in June 2015 for Windows, Linux, MacOS.  We have an app developed for iOS which will be released late 2015.  The basic infrastructure of the website will be finished in June 2015.  We have 3 provisional patents pending and 1 copyright.

The javaMEDs EHR software is a unique blend of technology that targets a specific need in healthcare. The requirements for an individual to easily and accurately provide their healthcare information to others are:
1. Secure.

2. Easily worn or carried in digital and non-digital forms.

3. Not susceptible to electronic virus threats.

4. Readable with or without access to the internet.

5. Easily edited in digital form online and offline

6. Easily output in non-digital or digital form.

The website serves to house the healthcare data but does not have an individuals name, address or social security number. The data is accessible via unique ID and one of the following:

1. email address + birth date

2. zipcode + birth date

3. caregiver license + birth date or zip code

The website also serves as a place to input medical data using multiple methods:

1. Directly entered via interview process and form entry

2. Scanned via webcam

3. File uploads

4. Automated Synchronization (from various devices including biometrics and incident trigger)

5. Biometric uploads (automated and manual transfer)

The App will display QR(s) on screen from the data stored on the website with the name of the data represented for easy identification of the type data being viewed. In this way, much more patient data can be stored on the device without having to be online. The app will also allow access to non-QR stored information such as x-rays, pictures, text, pdf, video etc.

The App will also facilitate the following:

1. Medication schedules and automatic reminders. When a med is changed or a schedule is changed, the app will update the reminders and automatically sync to the website.

2. Emergency notification of listed individuals via any or all of the following:

1. phone call

2. email

3. sms text

3. Dial 911 automatically after triggered event or directly initiated and optionally trigger the emergency notification process.

4. A method of capturing patient information via camera, direct input, biometrics.

5. The ability to scan prescription and non-prescription barcodes for easy ID of medicines.

6. Easy links to pharmacy for fulfillment.

7. Non-emergency notifications.

8. Produce a QR code from device stored data and/or from the website stored data.

9. When emergency or non-emergency event is triggered, the app will optionally broadcast streaming information from device or online sources via bluetooth.

If you are interested in getting involved with the development, marketing, business or funding of this great potential, please fill out the contact form below and lets have a conversation!
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