Proven Ideas To Make Cash PREVIEW

Concept… Figure out what is trending. For instance, if its an election year, maybe its flags. If a holiday is coming up, maybe its mugs or something commemorating that holiday. Whatever it is, spend a little time finding great deals for that product on sites like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Wish or Alibaba.

Lets say you find a great Mug for $10. You can often setup an affiliate account with the company that you found a good price, copy the affiliate link and just start marketing that item with your link to all your Facebook, twitter and Instagram friends for a markup of $10. You will make $10 profit on each purchase and you don’t have to touch the product or spend any money setting it up!

  • Why this strategy is GREAT… You don’t need startup capital, The turnaround is quick and your friends will appreciate a personal recommendation.
  • This strategy works because your friends are already an audience that you have credibility with.
  • You can expand this strategy with a FREE blog site, your own website or even a full-blown marketing campaign.